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Hello, Welcome to my blog site!

My name is Luisita, the founder of LuiseGillman.com. I am an online network marketer, business owner and coach. My passion is to be able to help more network marketers and business owners who are struggling to find leads and customers.

I began my journey as a Network Marketer when my daughter was born 10 years ago. As most parents do, I felt the guilt of leaving my child to the care of other people while I was serving my boss being a cubicle slave. I then decided to quit my office job for good and join network marketing.

I believed network marketing is the best opportunity to gain financial freedom and time freedom with low start-up costs. Little did I know that it wasn’t that easy. It was time consuming and not enjoyable to me. I did it all – chasing friends and families, cold calling random people, home presentations at night, hotel lobby meetings – the “old school” way of recruiting. I exhausted my warm market and lost some friends who were avoiding me. It was frustrating.

The good thing though is that it was an amazing self-development exercise for me. Then, I started looking for a less painful and faster way to build my business. That’s when I came across Online Network Marketing! Nowadays, we are just a click away from each other, right? What better way to have this kind of leverage than using the internet – find big number of people interested in what I have to offer without begging them every single day.

But I didn’t have a proven system to attract those people. Fortunately, I found that system and I already helped other Network Marketing Professionals and Home-Business Owners to apply the successful strategies I learned. And that’s what this blog is all about:

“Providing Network Marketers and Business Owners proven Rejection-Free tips, trainings and strategies on how to explode any kind of business using the internet.”

I hope you will enjoy reading the articles in this blog site and get value from them.

Meanwhile, stay updated with what’s working now in Network Marketing by following my Facebook page.

I look forward to hear your success story soon.

To Your Success,


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